We specialise in producing interesting and enduring high-quality publications for selected target groups. Our publications always have a focused high-quality target group and an interesting, tailored content. We offer turnkey corporate presentations for companies; these enable employees to tell about their experiences with company and their work there in their own words.

Calcus is Finland’s leading company specialised in building employer brands and developing the corporate image. Our references include most companies on the “Talouselämä 500” list of the largest companies in Finland, many listed companies and growing companies in various fields. We carry out more than 250 corporate presentations on a turnkey basis every year. We focus exclusively on the development of the corporate and employer brand.

A corporate brand is the key to a company’s success. A favourable corporate image helps companies attract new clients, recruit, and maintain current client relations. Calcus’s corporate branding publications ensure high-quality and cost-efficient corporate visibility in your target group.
More information about Corporate Branding is available on Wikipedia

Building and maintaining an employer’s brand is the most important single asset for a company. A favourable employer image makes you the "employer of choice" in your target group and attracts the best job applicants. Investment in the current and future best talents is always profitable.
More information about Employer Branding is available on Wikipedia

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